How to Build A Website

The article 30 Tips for Building Your First Business Website offered many helpful tips and strategies on how to successfully operate a website. I wont elaborate on every tip the article mentioned instead i picked the top three that I thought were the most useful.

The first tip that stood out was to have a clear goal. Pursuing the right goal can make the difference between a successful website and a failed one. The goal will determine how the website is structured and what is included and what is not.

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Setting reasonable goals is key

The second tip that stood out was keep the design elements simple. Sometimes websites will try to include to much on one page and it will become confusing and difficult for the customer to use.

See the source image
When a webpage has to much information it becomes a eyesore and will cause potential customers to leave the website


The final tip that i thought stood out was to write your own content. To create a good website the site needs to be unique and have original thoughts and ideas. All of these tips can be used to help maintain and build a successful website.

Website Spotlight

Walmart is a great example of a business that has a good website. Walmart offers thousands of different goods that spread across many different categories. The website does a great job of organizing the products they have for sale and making it easy for customers to find.

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