Web Analytics Pros and Cons

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The article “Web Analytics: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” brings to attention pros and cons of web analytics. First of the major pro that web analytics brings is that it takes a massive amount of data and complies it into a readable and simplified format. This allows people who use it to analysis there target markets better and develop strategies to reach them.

The major con with web analytics is the potential for mistakes that using it brings. The article emphasizes that all it takes is one coding error or one tag to be incorrect to cause numerous problems. This can lead to missing data or data to be inaccurate. In my opinion web analytics is a useful tool when used properly. It can help businesses focus on target markets and sort through massive amounts of data. When using web analytics there must be a system in place to constantly check it and not fully rely on the information.

Business Spotlight

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Barnes and noble is a great example of a business that uses web analytics for there website. They use information such as review and author comments to change what the search shows on the site. This system is constantly updating and changing and gives the customers the best experiences.


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